The end of summer is approaching, if you’re heading on a trip, here’s my 10 smart packing tips:

Take a LIGHT weight carry-on, you’ll save money on fees, your back and you’ll head toward your vacation while most are still waiting for their luggage. Bonus-it will guarantee that your clothes are with you.  I roll my clothes very tightly  and can fit enough for a 2 week trip. I recently bought  the IT  the worlds lightest carry on.  When empty, I can lift it with a finger! I took it on a short trip and loved it!  Now, I will be take it  onmy upcoming  2-week European trip.

Twice – If you won’t wear it 2 times, don’t take it.  This will simplify your packing.

Take a plain black dress – If accessorized with a  different scarf or  jewelry,  it can be worn nightly for dinners. No worries, nobody will notice that you’re wearing the same outfit.

Take spa/bath supplies,  I found that when I’m away, it’s when I find  the  time to pamper  more. Bonus- you won’t have to clean the tub! I always travel with Kneipp Deep Sleep, a Valerian and Hops bath packet that we carry in our spa boutique. Sometimes I have a hard time falling asleep in hotel rooms. This bath will guarantee a good night sleep.

Limit your shoes to two pairs, one comfy and one comfy/ dressier. I know, this is torture for shoe lovers like me. I found over the years, that I tend to not wear uncomfortable shoes as more walking is involved. Shoes also that take more space and weigh more.

Multi-Tasking makeup I recently started  traveling with my Quad Bronzer Sunbeam I learned this from my daughter Jessica, our makeup artist.  We had a  summer makeup class and she and Lesley shared this makeup tip  with our clients. You can use it as a shadow, blush and bronze. All Jane Iredale powders need to travel as a carry on, they are fragile if sent under the plane.

Think Head to Toe –When packing, think about what you would need starting at your head  and ending at your toes. I learned this from my brother in law years ago and I rarely forget items.

Hands Free Cross Over Bag – I cannot travel  without my  leather crossover bag. It frees my hands to shop,  pull my carry-on and it’s close to my body to avoid theft.

First Aid Kit – Carry a small supply of bandaids ( blisters, cuts), pain relieve and tummy ache pills. The best way to waste your vacation  joy is when you find yourself with an ache and no pills to treat it.

Disconnect and relax. Set up a forwarding and limit checking your emails to once a day.  I know, this can be hard at the beginning, we are so used to being connected.  We need to remember to enjoy the moment, that’s all we have.

Enjoy the remaining of your summer. If you have any packing tips, I’ll love to hear about them!

Licensed Esthetician, visionary and successful spa owner Blanca Caballero is the driving force behind award winning AvantGard Spa and skincare brand that is Spa Rx. Her firsthand experience in the treatment room has given her a unique and relatable perspective that allows her to guide and support her team.