Last night I received a frantic  call from a longtime team member, she needed me to come over to her house asap. As I was driving, a million things came to my mind, was she sick? was her apartment being broken into?

When I arrived, I heard the devastating news- my dearest friend Christine, former AvantGard team member and colleague, had suddenly died at the young age of 38. She  began her spa career at AvantGard before embarking to fulfill  her own dream. She was the owner of Destino Spa, located in Palo Alto.

We gathered at  her husbands home in shock and disbelief. She had gone to New York with her mom for a  long weekend  to visit family.

It is hard to describe Christine in words, let me try- she was immensely generous, hard working, positive, energetic, her heart was full of love and her glass was never empty.  She was the true friend you could count on. As I was reflecting  and mourning today, the message was very clear-  live each day as a gift, you might not have tomorrow.

Rest in peace Christine. I will forever miss you. Blanca

P.S This picture was taken the night of her death, happy and smiling with her brother.

Licensed Esthetician, visionary and CEO, Blanca Caballero is the driving force behind award winning AvantGard Spa and creator of the skincare brand Spa Rx. Her first hand experience in the treatment room has given her a unique and relatable perspective that allows her to guide and support her team.