Lemons  will become plentiful soon, I  have a tree that’s  beginning to burst with beautiful organic yellow beauties.

Oftentimes  when cooking, we are left with 1/2 a lemon that goes to waste.  Some of the ingredients you use to make lemonade can make your skin glow.

So If you want to have good-looking, smooth skin this Spring, I suggest  getting rid of some of it. Specifically, you can do without those old dead cells that make your skin look dry and aged.  The acidity ( alpha hydroxy acid) in lemons exfoliate and lighten the  skin. Sugar is made from sugar cane, which is a natural and mild  source of glycolic acid, an alphy hydroxy acid as well. Glycolic acid is good at breaking down the protein — the glue — that keeps dead skin cells from sloughing off, as well as boosting new skin cell production and smoothing and softening skin.

My DIY Spa Recipe:
Take your  leftover 1/2  lemon and  sprinkle with  some sugar, exfoliate your hands and arms  over the sink and rinse.

Have more time?  In a small container, squeeze the juice, add about 2 tablespoons of sugar,  a teaspoon of  olive  or coconut oil  to form  a paste and do the same for your entire body.  You’re worthy of having sexy, beautiful skin!

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Wishing you a glorious Spring, Blanca

P.S Be careful- oil makes slippery  floors, place a small towel on the floor for security.

Licensed Esthetician, visionary and CEO, Blanca Caballero is the driving force behind award winning AvantGard Spa and creator of the skincare brand Spa Rx. Her first hand experience in the treatment room has given her a unique and relatable perspective that allows her to guide and support her team.