It will be 2 years since I lost my mom, and her Birthday and Mother’s Day are always hard. I still remember her phone number, but I can no longer dial it to wish her a happy day.

My moms at-home spa recipe– I was about 7 years old, when she and I would  pick wild chamomile flowers, and she would brew them to make a strong tea for a hair rinse.  It was supposed to make my hair blonder, maybe it worked,  maybe not, but what great bonding ritual looking for those small yellow flowers holding my mamas hand.

From her a got my passion for cooking- 7 days a week we enjoyed her home cooked creations; the salsas,  chipotle infused  soups, mexican rice, chicken in peanut sauce, pork adobo.  I was the one that kept her recipe binder and as a gift  to my 4 siblings, I created a book with all her handwritten recipes and cherished pictures, like the one above.

My moms love is with me forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Licensed Esthetician, visionary and CEO, Blanca Caballero is the driving force behind award winning AvantGard Spa and creator of the skincare brand Spa Rx. Her first hand experience in the treatment room has given her a unique and relatable perspective that allows her to guide and support her team.