Pink Himalayan Salt – Pure, Natural and Pristine. I started cooking with these salts a couple of years ago when I learned  of the many health benefits. It contains the same 84 trace minerals & trace elements that are found  in our bodies.

The salt is world-renowned and considered an absolute treasure. It is called the “salt of royalty, and at Whole Food prices I can see why. It’s $8.99 for 4 ounces.

Himalayan salt comes from Pakistan. It is mined in the Khewra Salt Mines, the second largest salt mine in the world,  about 300 km from the Himalayas.

Here’s a tip – All salt is created equal, you can buy it for baths, for cooking, in a block, rocks, lamps…. Online is less expensive, compare cooking VS bathing salt prices, I found that  bath salts are a better value and you can use it for cooking ( unscented of course) ;)

At AvantGard, we offer baths, massages and pedicures using these salts. The warm Himalayan salt stone massage and pedicure are performed with beautiful hand-carved & smooth warm pink Himalayan Salt Stones (alternating with hands.) This massage is very relaxing, gently detoxifying and a therapeutic mineral infusion for the deepest relaxation you crave.

Are you ready for a warm and salty treat? 

Licensed Esthetician, visionary and CEO, Blanca Caballero is the driving force behind award winning AvantGard Spa and creator of the skincare brand Spa Rx. Her first hand experience in the treatment room has given her a unique and relatable perspective that allows her to guide and support her team.